The folk shopping culture has changed over time. If before people preferred to shop in shop windows, now most people have become addicted to online shopping. It is not just a purchase of clothes. This is also the case with products, shoes, smartphones, electronic devices, etc. Today, people’s lives are moving so fast or fast in which there is no time to go shopping. Thanks to this, people have become completely dependent on online purchases, because they do not even have time to buy vegetables. E-commerce companies are also not far behind in making online shopping easier for people. Many options have been made available from credit to free delivery.

Your shopping list will depend on the amount:

In addition, Amazon introduced a service that you are sure to be surprised to hear. Think, if so, that your shopping list is given according to your zodiac? It must have sounded a little strange, but it is perfectly true. In fact, Amazon has launched a similar service for Prime Members, according to which their shopping list will correspond to their number.

Seattle’s Ana Cates is working with the Amazon on a horoscope. Key contributors have received such updates over the past three months. At the same time, users are invited where they should spend money and time next month. For example: an April forecast says that people with Aries should rest this month, “probably with a comfortable daybed from Amazon Home and a new blanket.”

Flikart and Amazon simplify online shopping:

Flipkart has launched the “Cashless Credit” service for users, within the framework of which users are provided with instant loans of up to 60,000 rupees. This loan is provided for 3 and 12 months. At the same time, before that the “pay now, pay later” service was launched for several selected users. Speaking of Amazon, its Amazon Pay service was launched in 2018 last year. In doing so, users benefit from the purchase of up to Rs 60,000 through EMI. For this, the company took advantage of the help of Capital Float Company. To obtain a credit limit, users must go through a two-step registration process.

Learn about Amazon Prime:

Features such as Prime Video, Prime Music and free fast delivery are provided on Amazon Prime. In addition, users also get access to exclusive offers. In addition, users can also enjoy Amazon Prime Original movies, television shows, comedies, and TV shows. Basic music and e-books can access the range through simple reading.

Find out about Flipkart Plus membership:

Flipkart also introduced its membership plan. At the same time, users will receive services such as zero fee, free delivery, quick access. In any case, sales, these customers will get first access. These benefits will be provided to all users who are regular customers of the company. There is no extra charge for this. Customers will benefit from the free delivery of any product. If you are a regular customer of Flipkart, then you will be registered with Flipkart Plus. Users will receive Plus Coin for each order. This is a kind of digital currency. They can be used in places like Make My Trip, Book My Show, Jomato, Hotstar, and Cafe Coffee Day.


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